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Private Spaces In Public Places

Artist Statement Private Spaces in Public Places This photographic series began as a simple documentation of roadside altars. This documentation did not highlight my own artistic style and so I chose to revisit a previous series of mine titled ?Eve?s Garden.? The idea behind which was an unspoiled landscape created by God, yet soiled by man/woman. I borrowed aspects of that series, and have included my current photographic esthetics, to create this new series. In ?Private Spaces in Public Spaces,? I have chosen to document roadside altars, by interacting with them, adding my own offerings and coming in closely to create images which allow viewers an opportunity to exam these roadside altars in a way and means not possible in a vehicle speeding by at 50+ miles per hour. Thirteen years ago, my own husband was killed as a result of a single vehicle accident. Although, I have never personally revisited the site of his death, nor created a roadside altar for him, I have found other means of dealing with my own grief, mourning and feelings of melancholy through my art. Whether it is photography or works on paper (such as printmaking and drawing), I attempt to embody my work with a sense of memorialization to my husband and what he has left behind. This series of work is a continuation of my own self-examination as well as a look at how others deal with their own grief and feelings of loss. Roadside altars are a prolific means of private grief being displayed in a most public of places.
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