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Los Trabajadores

ONGOING SERIES: "Farm Laborers" "Los Trabajadores" The twelve images you see before you are part of a larger endeavor that I am currently working on entitled "Los Trabajadores." I am the child and grandchild of farm laborers. My family history is steeped within the tradition of hard work, low pay and the ensuing struggle there in. My mother worked as a farm laborer for many years. My biological father worked as a field supervisor up until his death at the age of 78, while my step-father (77 years old) continues to be called upon for his experience and expertise as a horticulturist. Horticulturist, what a big beautiful word, for a man who can neither read, nor write, but that is what he is. In the past ten years it has come to my attention the true disconnect between the consumer of agricultural produce and those whose job it is to cultivate and harvest said products. It is my desire to help bridge that gap of misunderstanding, through the documentation of what is an age old process of cultivating the ground, which is still in existence today. From those who own the land, to those who work its fields, are some of this country's greatest assets and I truly believe that they should be recognized as such. My current body of work has been an exploration of the cultural, spiritual and economic climate of our time, while my past work has been a personal examination of my own emotional upheaval at the loss of my husband. I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I have enjoyed creating it.
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